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Interview tips:
Preparation is key to making a good impression at an interview here are some valuable tips

Preparation for the interview:
1) Research the company including looking at the company’s website also Google the company to check recent news
2) Know the exact time and location of the interview; plan the route, parking, nearest tube and how long it will take you to get there. Allow plenty of time do not be late
3) Know the interviewer’s name and job title
4) Dress appropriately. A smart suit is preferable; jeans and trainers are a strict no-no.

During the interview:
1 ) On arrival shake hands firmly
2) Remember to maintain eye contact with the interviewer
3) Listen carefully and articulate your response in a professional manner and answer the questions in plenty of detail
4) Remember to be positive – do not make negative remarks about your past employers or employees
5) Your consultant would have advised you about salary or benefits so it’s best not to bring this at the first interview stage
7) Feel free to take notes into and to make notes during the interview.
Also be Prepared to ask the interviewer questions.

At the end of the interview:
You will probably be asked if you have any questions. Therefore we expect our
candidates to have some questions prepared - see our ideas listed below:
“What training do you give?”
“What is the next stage of the interview process?”
“What is the company culture like?”
“What types of people usually grow quickly within the organisation?”
“Why has this role become available?”
“What makes your company stand out from your competition?”
A full interview guide is available for you to download.

Down load interview guide  Click here to download the document
Down load competency based questions  Click here to download the document